Taking the first step…

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(how to stop overthinking and make things happen for good)

Why does it feel so hard to start something new? How come are new beginnings so frightening? Even if you inevitably know that change is required, it is hard to break old habits. Let me break down to you what I mean by that.

Let’s take a couple of easy examples:

  • you have a great business idea on your mind
  • you’d like to start a new hobby
  • you want to improve your quality of life by making new and healthy habits

You’ve already planned the whole thing out – detail by detail – and analyzed every aspect of it. So planning: check. Everything sounds good on paper. Even if the idea itself is unique and deep down you know that this one is something you’ve always dreamed about, you stop yourself by the planning stage. Because for whatever reason you are afraid to take the first step and take action towards your dream.

Why are we programmed like that?

I want you to ask yourself: what am I afraid of?

Is it too much of a risk to take?
Am I just afraid of failure?
What if I am not capable?
What can I lose by trying?

Honesty is the key here. Be honest (at least with yourself – that’s what I always tell myself).
I am an honest person. So why cannot I just be genuine with myself when it comes to answering those intimidating questions in my head? Why are we doubting ourselves and analyzing everything until the motivation of taking steps towards implementation is gone?

Either way, you’ll never know if you don’t try…

My example:
I knew I always wanted to write about something, tell my story, the stuff I’ve learned through the years of my self-love journey – I am still learning how to enjoy this roller coaster ride.
But back to the point, I never started creating content for my blog or writing a book because I was afraid to put myself out there. My true self, my naked soul.

The questions that I was afraid to answer were:

What if it is not that interesting? What if people won’t like it?
What if I have a plain writing style?
What if I am not talented at writing at all? What if I fail?

Then I asked myself? What can I lose?
Well… nothing, because I am doing it for myself, because this hobby brings join and adds value to my life. This realization made it clear that I am the only person who stands in my way. I am my burden. So what would happen if I’d just stepped out of my way?
So I tried to put it in a new light: what if I start writing? At least I could say that I tried my best and took action. There is nothing to lose here except my excuses.

Please allow me to recommend the famous book of Mel Robbins: The 5-second rule – in case you are not already familiar with it.
She explains how worry and fear paralyze us not to take those first steps. She shows the psychological reasons behind whilst providing a tool to break this pattern by tricking the human brain in 5 seconds.
You have to act first, and your mind will follow. This is how you can stop overthinking and overanalyzing things. This method teaches you how to take action on your desires and instincts. It also allows you to take control of your life – so that you can assemble new habits and become whoever you want to be.

This thought is just so comforting: Whatever happens, I’m fine with it. I can accept whatever life throws at me. And by actually taking action I can’t lose anything but my victim role.

Planning is great… but have you tried taking action first?