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I’ve always been a very impatient person. That type of person who constantly rushes and forces things instead of just going with the flow. Because sometimes that is what you need – allowing things to flow their natural ways.

Patience not only means that you give time to certain things in your life to come together, but also it brings a deeper understanding. Yet, understanding and knowing something is not enough for actual implementation. If you can implement the new knowledge to improve your quality of life, that’s when the lesson is learned!
Life itself is indeed the best teacher because it keeps pushing you to similar situations over and over until you’ve learned the lesson.
Patience allows you to be honest with yourself, about yourself. Take a step back and ask yourself: How do I feel in certain situations?
For me, last year was all about learning how to be patient.

I’ve learned that patience is a real virtue – but if you are like me, most likely it comes hand in hand with a lot of pain of unhealed wounds. Facing your genuine emotions, your soul’s deepest desires can be intimidating, and I know this is easier said than done, but just so essential. I cannot stress this enough. Also, asking for help is not weakness this is a brave step towards self-love. If you feel that you cannot handle this stuff alone and need guidance or support, it is OK to ask for help. I also experienced that gratitude helps to support this healing process.

But please normalize asking for help or going to a therapist if needed because, by the end of the day you are the one who has to solve your problems and heal your deepest wounds, but they can put things in a new light. And a brand new perspective is always helpful, especially if the burden is way too heavy to carry alone.

In 2021 I had to experience different aspects of patience.
The most important lesson I had to learn was that practicing patience towards myself is very much needed and essential to heal from the past and grow. Patience not only makes you live in the present moment but also proves that you are OK with whatever life throws at you.

So how do you practice patience? Do you consider yourself a patient person?

If patience is one of the softest forms of love, then patience towards yourself must be one of the most beneficial forms of self-love!
Despite its importance – it is still very underrated.
So, my love, I’d like to encourage you to be more patient with yourself.

In 2022 I choose to be brave enough to choose myself.

I am still learning, and it is OK. 🙂

Take yourself on a date 🙂